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Kinds of Roll Style labels

Posted by [email protected] on May 22, 2020 at 10:30 PM

The kinds of roll style labels will differ on the need of the client and these two below are considered as the frequently order style of roll labels and can also be used for your roll feed name tags.

1. Custom-Printed Roll-Styles

The shipping label size is 3x4" and in a roll style design with micro-perforated in between each of the labels to curve and to tear apart per roll. It is best to use in promoting your company and also ideal for package labels and shipping labels. You can choose from the many border designs available in your choice of colors too.

Roll feed specifications:

The color family is assorted with the label shape of rectangular. The label height and weight is through inches and it is absolutely customizable.

2. Custom-Printed Jumbo Roll-Style

This roll style mailing label had the size of 5x4". It is best to use when the company needs some advertisement and it is best for shipping and for package labels as well.

Specifications of roll feed:

The label shape is rectangular and with the label weight and height in inches. The color family is assorted and there are lots of border designs that you can choose on, plus it is customizable too!


Bar code identification number and Identifier of roll labels:

- Bar code identification number

This bar code roll identifier blocked contains machine readable data scanned by the clamp truck drivers which initially encounter the roll, and also the press area and the office staffs who remove the peel-off stickers with a bar code and then apply them to the tickets and track the forms for the management use. By using at least the two bar codes at the line gives the measure of redundancy and must one of the bar codes became marred during the shipment.

Having the bar codes time and again in this area on the label – straightly under a logo -identified them as a roll number. Some other bar codes on the label must go in the alternative area at the underneath part of a label, to shun from confusion with a roll.

- Identifier

The readers must take into consideration the next specifications as the minimum set of settings, applied to the dot-matrix printer. Later on, the documents will spell out the ways of growing numbers of peel-off sticker in this side of a label. The mills will not then be able to gather the optional specifications by using the dot-matrix printer, and must take into consideration the printing methods like the thermal or the laser transfer that will effectively make the symbols of the smaller bar codes.


IFRA Survey

In June of 1996, the IFRA conducted their independent survey of the requirements of the roll labels for the newspapers and also for use with roll feed name tags. The IFRA’s survey located requirements among the European newsprint producers the same with those in the North America. They have requested in the following data to appear on the roll labels:


  • Basis weight
  • Diameter
  • Grade or quality of the product
  • Identifier bar code (CEPI, IFRA, North American)
  • Linear measure
  • Name of the paper producer
  • Roll number or “reel number”
  • Roll weight
  • Unwind direction
  • Optional data required by the client like the number of splices, order number and the client’s name.

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