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Styles of Synthetic Papers

Posted by [email protected] on May 26, 2020 at 9:25 AM

Synthetic papers have so many develop styles and below are the most common use styles of synthetic papers.


Standard Synthetic Paper – it is printable by traditional offset and by the screen printing processes.

Top Coated Synthetic Papers – it is printable on the top coated side through the conventional and water, UV offset, and UV flexor, thermal transfer letterpress, screen, and digital (selected toner technologies).

Both Side Coat Synthetic Papers – it is printable in mutual sides of the traditional and screen, UV offset, UV flexor, letterpress, digital (on choosing toner technologies) and thermal transfer.



  1. Commercial Printing - brochures, calendars, children's books, flip charts, maps, and menu cards.
  2. Identification and Credentials - identity cards like synthetic paper name tags, legal documents, mark sheets and certificates, and visiting cards.
  3. Outdoor – front lit and backlit display, outdoor billboards, train stations and airport signage.
  4. Retail and Packaging - backlit displays, banners, danglers, indoor billboards, POP graphics, and posters.
  5. Tags and Labels - baggage tags, food labels, glass bottle labels, garment tags, and horticulture labels.




  1. Dimensionally stable and non-tearable.
  2. Excellent printability and with excellent folding endurance.
  3. Moisture resistance and with chemical and oil resistance.
  4. Recyclable and with tear strength and superior tensile.
  5. Writable with pencil and with oil-based pens.
  6. Can be stapled, sheeted, serrated, hot foil stamped, folded, die - punched, and an adhesive bonded.



Matte Mutual Side Coated Synthetic Papers – these are another co-extruded, colorless opaque, a polypropylene based film, both sided matte coated, which resembled papers in appearance.



  1. Tags and Labels – for garment hang tags, Tree tags, horticulture identification tags, cattle identification tags, Glass bottle labels, baggage tags, food and pharmaceutical packaging labels, and many more.
  2. Retail and Packaging – POP graphics, indoor billboards, posters, danglers, banners, and backlit displays.
  3. Outdoor – outdoor billboards, train station and airport signage, front lit and the backlit displays.
  4. Identification and Credentials – visiting cards, mark sheets and certificates, identity cards like the synthetic paper name tags, and legal documents.
  5. Commercial Printing –brochures, menu cards, maps, calendars, children's books and flip charts.




  1. Non-tearable and dimensionally stable.
  2. Excellent folding endurance and excellent printability.
  3. Recyclable and moisture resistance.
  4. Writable with oil-based pens and with pencils.
  5. Printable on mutual parts of water, traditionally and UV offset, and UV flexor, screen, letterpress, thermal transfer printing and HP Latex.
  6. Certified for the HP Indigo presses – with multi-shot mode
  7. It may be die – punched, folded, hot foil stamped, sheeted, stapled, serrated, and with adhesive bonded perforated.



Matte White Mutual Side Coated Synthetic Papers – this is a co-extruded and white opaque paper with both sides matted coat white shades film that look like paper in appearance.


- It is fitting for the photo album applications, Mark Sheets, Certificates, Coffee-table books, Menu Cards, Horticulture identification tags, Garments hangs tags, Cattle identification tags, Tree tags, and a lot more.



  1. Suitable for the powder toner printing or electro-photography.
  2. Printable on the mutual side by the HP Indigo, water and UV flexors, conventional/UV offset, thermal transfer printing process and letterpress and screens.
  3. Non-tearable with high tear resistance and moisture resistance.
  4. Dimensionally stable and excellent printability.


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