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What is your budget?

Posted by [email protected] on May 17, 2020 at 11:40 PM


With this thing in mind that needs to be considered, have a glance at these 3 famous names and laminated badges materials of all - metal, plastic, and wood.


Metal Name Badges

The metal name badges had that rich feeling and are exceptionally sturdy. They seem to have that conservative aesthetic and had been the best for events or businesses that have the expert vibe. Yep, doctors and the lawyers, this is for you. But do not think that metal cannot be hip. It had the industrial vibe that, through the proper typestyle and logo, may appeal to the more youthful set.

You may also engrave or print on them—or both. They can be availed by office supply companies and by promotional products distributors. For example, there are office sign companies that are offering these full-color metal badges and name tags. When you want that more casual feeling and still want that strength of metal, then, you can create the name tag buttons by using the button press machines.

Plastic or Acrylic Name Badges

The plastic is considered to be one of the commonly used materials for the name badges due to its color selection, overall versatility and low cost. When you want to integrate event theme colors or businesses into your name tags or badges, then this acrylic is the best way to go. Since plastic may be taken into consideration as a cheap monetarily, then, do not think it is not of high quality. Just take a glance at the acrylic, gold mirror name badges that has been used before as a VIP gift for the company annual conference. And because the company enthusiasts are the artistic bunch, their event planner wants the name badge that could not only plea to the most love of their VIPs, but also, the one that will look amazing and will grab the attention of the costumers without being skeptical of them.

The 2 color acrylic is the best for laser cutting of name badges due to the typography pops by means of the contrast. There are also 2-color acrylics which have the look of the brushed metal finish and without a price tag metal command. And since plastic is highly functioning, you may really use it for the DIY name tag project. When you have some of these to make and wanted them to be imaginatively customized, you can have your inspiration over the internet for some tutorials to make your personalized laminated badges or name tags.

Wood Name Badges

The wood name badge had the warm aesthetic and may be more economic friendly than the plastic counterparts. It makes them fit for events or companies that are catering to nature or maintaining like the alternative energy companies, museums, summer camps or garden centers. This can be used by integrating wood tones in the design choices like hair salons, trendy restaurants or a day spa.

If you want a DIY, check out the ideas for the making of name badges thru laser cutting wood. The transferring of ink prints is also an option for making the wooden name badges. The technique provides the consistency of a computer-generated art; but, it's still having that handmade feel.

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