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Applications of synthetic paper

Posted by [email protected] on May 9, 2020 at 7:30 AM


Synthetic paper has been defined as the category of the paper that is created without any wood fiber for synthetic paper name tags and is exclusively made to become receptive to industrial printing inks. It will differ from the plastic film in some ways, due to printing characteristics, and this will differ from the traditional paper due to lack of wood fiber.

While some people defined synthetic paper as the paper-like film which lies somewhere in between the high-value paper and traditional plastic films. Synthetic paper is normally accepted to become not of the wood-based or organic nature, but resin/oil from its manufacture.

The synthetic paper can be the film and that could be the number of things, the polypropylene, or the polyethylene based — and with some kind of coating — normally the clay coating over it, that will make the merchandize easy to print. Through the easy to publish, you may use the standard inks, and also you do not need the corona treatment or the top coat.

The word synthetic paper had developed now to the idea where the distributors and the manufacturers are using this for any kind of plastic film which will accept the offset printing rather than the generic PVC films and the polystyrenes. The merchandize is evolving to contain oriented polypropylene films which the people are now pertaining to as the synthetic paper that has really been not synthetic papers — and these are basically just film. The manufacturers apply some of the clay coatings to the materials and suddenly it became labeled as the synthetic paper. It is believed that the word is more equip to appeal to a printer, to provide the product the suggestion as the printer friendly material.

There are some that say that the strength and the durability of the plastics and an appearance and the printability of the paper, makes the synthetic paper a versatile one. The customers are opting for the synthetic paper because of its durability, strength, the weather-ability and tear resistance properties.


The custom film width of synthetic paper

The customize width of this film will be according to the requirement of the customers for their synthetic paper name tags. The quote should use various trade terms that are the usual. When you also have the other requirements, you may also communicate with the manufacturers. There are different performance products and the company had the excellent squad of engineers, base on the customer’s needs and with the improvement of the film performance.

There are also samples that will be given which are free of charge. However, there are some that are asking for the express fee because of the express cost from the other country if the product is imported or from the foreign countries. There are many customers that are needed, samples before approving to go with the production. The adequate capacity of the company had 3 major production bases and each of which will be able to make around thousands of tons of the thin film in a month that will be enough to supply and support the global customers steadily.

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