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Two Kinds of Laser Name Badges

Posted by [email protected] on February 12, 2019 at 3:35 AM

1. Laser Engraved Name Badge – it is produced from the lightweight materials and is from durable two-ply materials known as Gravolase. These are available in numerous color combinations and are decorated to the custom specifications of clients. The title, company logo and the name are engraved with the use of high precision laser. There are popular color choices available and has metal-finishes too. The brushed silver and the brushed gold choices can provide you that elegant look of the brushed metal with the additional durability. The engraved laser name tags can last for years with no bending or fading at all and would be the great solution for the business looking personnel to add some personal touch. The name badges will acquire the one-time setting. The choice of bulldog swivel backing, magnets, or pins will all depend on you.

2. Plastic Name Tags – it has three (3) kinds:

A. Textured Plastic Name Tag – these are plastic name tags, laser engrave texture and has many colors for your choices. This engraved plastic name tag gives that chance to use two colors for with its given plastic; it pertains to the logo or text color and the background color. If you only want a one color style, then this design is not for you.

The colors available are winter white with a black or blue, coal black with a white, sapphire with a white, white with red, royal blue with a white, pimento with white, teal with white, ruby with white, jungle green with a white, ash gray with a black or white, desert sand with a black, Bermuda tan with a dark brown, coffee bean with a white, acid yellow with a black or dark brown and tangerine with white.

B. Smooth Plastic Name Tag with a Magnet or some other Fastener – these are laser engraved soft plastic name badges that are also given that opportunity for the two color usage, for the engraved color and the background.

The available colors are white with black, European gold with a black, black with white or gold, shiny gold with a black, black with silver, brushed aluminum with a black, smooth silver with a black, smoke grey with a white, shiny silver with a black, white with a sky blue, patriot blue with a white, sky blue with a white, China blue with a white, crimson with white, white with crimson, claret with white, Kelley green with a white plastic, evergreen with white, celadon green with a white, purple with white, canary yellow with a black, tangerine with white, brushed copper with a black, almond with black, deep bronze with a black, sky blue with a yellow, red with yellow, black with yellow, Verde with gold, port wine with a gold, celestial blue with a gold, ribbon pink with a white, walnut with white, ribbon pink with a black, brushed stainless steel or red, white with a bright green, ultra-matte beige with a white, white with a pine green, dark brown with a white, and sapphire blue and a white.

c. Blank Plastic Name Badges with Logo – you have the opportunity to choose from the variety of color combinations available here for your laser name tags.

The name tags features the laser engraved logo and the colors available are crimson and white or yellow, purple and white, canary and black, white and black or crimson, white and a sky blue, smoke grey and a white, smooth silver and a black, shiny silver and a black, brushed aluminum and a black, black and white or yellow, China blue and a white, black and silver or gold, patriot blue and a white, sky blue and a white or yellow, celestial blue and a gold, claret and white, tangerine and white, port wine and a gold, European gold and a black, shiny gold and a black, almond and black, brushed copper and a black, deep bronze and a black, evergreen and white, Verde and gold, Kelley green and a white, celadon green and a white, and the white and a pine green or bright green.


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