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Plastic Card Sizes and their Deliveries

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What special sizes are available?

Plastic cards are being delivered in the form that you want – it does not have to be in the standard shape of credit cards. The plastic cards may be produced in each individual shape and may be the nice promoting medium. Plain, but favorable special size variants had been the key tags or the luggage tags. Normally blanks are being printed with an advertising message of the customers and there are special sizes that are being offered by some printing services and these are: cloth tags, gift cards, price labels, e-book gift cards, rulers, concert crew cards, VIP tickets, event tickets and backstage identification, cards and goods labeling.

Delivery times of the plastic cards?

There are different delivery time sorts and thus equipped you with the highest degree of elasticity. Like this, you are both in the position to always optimally coordinate a special feature of an order and a time it is required for the implementation. Generally, the duration of the production and the connected delivery time rely on the terms of the plastic card, the variant diversity and the personalization. Technologies and special refinements are even more complex and thus required more time.

The simple plastic cards normally had the delivery moment of 2-3 weeks from the print approval. In the contractually existing, the ongoing projects with the direct API data linked from the consumer to the production, there are offset card production implementation in the Varnish, with the personalization for the following day card delivery. The plastic card projects together with the digital printing will normally be realized in just 1-2 weeks. The projects with the offset production and also the personalization of the chip cards or the plastics may normally be realized in between 3-4 weeks right after the approval of a print from a customer. The express production will just be as likely as the sample card productions based on the requirements of the customers.

Choose the personalized plastic card that will be right for you or your company

Now more than before, organizations and companies are embracing the custom plastic cards to become the key factor of their everyday operations. The selection of cards being produced is as unlimited like a creative imagination of the customers. The plastic card printing group will help in select and customizing the card that will be right for you coming from the wide assortment of categories like the plastic gift cards, discount cards, plastic fundraising cards and the fundraiser cards, loyalty cards and the plastic VIP cards, plastic ID card and the security cards, plastic key tags and the key fobs, business plastic cards, plastic membership cards, hanging cards and rack cards and the phone cards. All of these are made in America and guarantees you with greater quality control and the fast turnaround. The plastic experts are giving attention to details to give your order that professional feel and look that you want. The plastic cards feature adorable full colored printing and the die cut rounded angles to give your personalized plastic card a professional and polished look and feel.


Full-Color Event Name Tags and Badges

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You will find here the samples of the many types of name tags and badges in full color. The free shipping promo of these full color name tags and badge holder are not included in the items that are on sale or closing out, custom quotation. You can choose to plan ahead and save the items and the product requested beyond advertising quantities, and will not be applied into the past purchases, and there are lots of them that cannot be combined with the other offers. There are also some items that have their minimum orders depending on the materials used. The free ground shipping has been offered as well to destinations in the nearby places of the state.

Here are the types or samples of full colored name tags and badges:

  • Budget full-colored reusable name badges in size of 1 1/32" x 3 1/32"
  • Budget full-colored reusable name badges in size of 2 1/8" x 3 3/8"
  • Deluxe metal name badges in a size of 1" x 3"
  • Economy full-colored reusable name badges in size of 2" x 3"
  • Economy full-colored reusable name badges in size of 1 1/2" x 3"
  • Engraved name badges and plastic screen in size of 1" x 3"
  • Full color badge holders in size of 6" x 4"
  • Full-colored event badges/lanyard combo in a size of 4" x 3"
  • Full-color glossy value event badges in size of 4 1/4"h x 3 5/8"w
  • Full-colored gloss value event badges in a size of 6"h x 4 1/4"w
  • Full-colored gloss value event badges in a size of 5 1/2"h x 3 5/8"w
  • Full-colored reusable plastic name badges in Oval shape
  • Full-colored reusable plastic name badges in square shape
  • Heavy duty full colored plastic name badges in a size of 1" x 3"
  • Horizontal photo name badge
  • Metallic full-colored reusable name badges in size of 1 1/2" x 3"
  • Metallic full-colored reusable name badges in size of 2" x 3"
  • Premium plus full-color name tags in size of 6"h x 4 1/4"w
  • Premium full-colored event badges in size of 5 1/2"h x 3 5/8"w
  • Premium full-colored event badges in size of 4 1/4"h x 3 5/8"w
  • Premium full-colored event badges in size of 6"h x 4 1/4"w
  • Reusable name badges in size of 1 1/2" x 3"
  • Reusable name badges in a size of 2" x 3"
  • Reusable name badges in a size of 1" x 3"
  • Reusable name badge in customize size of 0-3 Sq. In.
  • Reusable name badges in customize size of 6-9 Sq. In.
  • Reusable name badges in customize size of 3-6 Sq. In.
  • Seed paper name badges with one sided imprints
  • Seed paper name badges with two sided imprints
  • Top loading badge holders with full colored title bar in slotted form with the size of 3" x 4"
  • Top loading badge holders with full colored title bar with the clip attachment with the size of 3" x 4"
  • Top loading badge holders with full colored title bar with the pin/clip attachment with the size of 3" x 4"
  • Top loading badge holder with full colored title bar with the pin attachment with the size of 3" x 4"

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ID Badge and Full Color Name Tags

Why you must give identifications to your employees

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The laser name tags are making it so easy for anyone to design, customize, and to order the custom name badges and name for your company. There are the wide selections of the pre-designed templates that are styled for the easy personalization for the needs of your company.

The company design wizards are giving you with the power in customizing the name tag sizes, text color, shapes, backing options and a lot more. You can also upload the company images and logos, together with the list of the staff names for that easy bulk ordering. You will get the name tags faster with that 99% sureness of next business day transport or shipping promise. There are so many high-quality photo ID cards and name badges available that you can use for your business name tag needs.

Categories of Name Tags:

1. Desk name plates – you can add the professional touch to the desk in your office. There is custom desk name plate that is being offered in many color combinations and some sizes.

2. Engraved name tags - check out the engraved name tags to have that more traditional appearance, and you can choose from more than 25 colors and also add the company logo to that exclusive appearance.

3. Medical identification – have that name tags and photo ID badges that are exclusively designed to have that challenging hardworking medical expert face every day.

4. Wooden name tags – you may add the personal touch that will make the people remember your staff and your company with this adorably crafted wooden name tag.

Select the perfect name tags from the following styles:

1. Full Colored Printed Badges – there are full color badges that have their logos on it! The state-of-the-arts UV printing processes permits in the color matching of the text and the logo. Just simply upload the logo of the company and these can be printed in the official colors that you requested.

2. Reusable Badges – this type of name tag is also available. The dry erase, chalkboard, and the window name tags had been the economical option of recognizing the volunteers, visitors, temporary employees, and a lot more. The reusable name badges have been customized with the logo, school mascot, art and with the other branding.

4. Premium Badges – the high-end first class name tags with the frames that represent the company leaders and the executives. The premium name tags present extra details such as frames, rhinestones and beveled edges.

5. Engraved Name Tags – carving yields a 2-color product, wherein you will have the background color and the text color. There are manufacturers that are engraving the logo name tags. Through engraving, the logo may be in 2 colors. The engraving plastic arrived in over 40 color mixtures and you can see all of the name tag designs that are being offered by the makers.

Photo IDs and Safety Cards

The security and safety within your workplace is even more important than it has ever been, and you may trust the company of the laser name tags devoted group in making the ID cards and the name tags that maintain the security needs first of the company. There are also emergency code responses, safety wallet card for CPR, and a lot more that you have to be prepared in case you need them in the future.

Thermal Nametag Printers

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It is a very fast prints 1 tag in 5” size in every second, and it's portable and affordable as well. Anyone can just use this exclusive fanfold of direct thermal paper stocks. Just simply connect the compact, speedy printers to the laptop with the included USB cord. This printer also includes the Serial and Ethernet port, and it also includes the personalize driver with the pre-set thermal print name tags to size, customize name tag designs software with the instructions for printing the name tags easily and ideally.

It is a compatible PC with the Microsoft Word and it is packed up in the printer carrying case. It includes that selective Rapid Start Guide with the committed tech support that will help you and what your order might possibly be. If you are in need of any assistance in choosing with the perfect printer for your name tags or name badges, there are lots of name tag printer guides that include that easy-to-use contrast chart that will surely help you with what you are looking for or what your company really needs of your staffs and for you too.

There are returnable items or printers that are not taking that more days, since there are some that can be able to return it in just days, while there are also some that will take it in 15-30 days before you can receive your returned items. There are brands that cannot be returned when they had been used or will not be in their original case or original packaging. There are also manufacturers that are asking for the restocking fee and it will be applied to all technology brands which had not been utilized but have opened containers. All the technology products without any restriction include are the following; such as the scanners, wireless technology, printers and accessories.

Many customers are choosing printers that can make very clear name tags and name badges to wear and clients are depending on the highest quality brand of direct thermal printers. These direct thermal printers are no-nonsense sidekick, and so hardworking that will surely fit every registration table, of every company for any event they will come up to. These are easy to set and these portable printers require some accessories that will give that great name tags so fast – in just a second.

The best part about the direct thermal printers is just by how it is being tailored for their customers, the planner, through customizing the complementary driver with configured setups, giving name tag styled software where some are connecting with the fanfold badges and name tag paper stocks. It is also a very budget friendly printer that will serve as your personal assistant, and when you say personal assistant, it means that it can give you almost everything that will help you with your job, and so what could you ask for.

A budget friendly and a personal assistant direct thermal printer for your company’s thermal print name tags are here to give you their much imparted assistance.

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Color Inkjet Name Badge

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Print your personal color inkjet name tags and badges, visitor passes, color inkjet printable guest badges, and the self-expiring visitor badge.

The labeling company differs in the variety of continuous rolls for continuous name tags, labels, and badges, for printing your personal full color guest badges on the Primera LX400, Primera LX500c, Primera LX500, Primera LX900, Epson TM-C3500 and Epson TM-C3400 name badges and label printer.

Use the color inkjet name badge printer together with the blank name badge stocks with your favorite name tags and label design software to make the following:

  • Color-coded guest badges
  • Conference badges with the barcodes and the photo IDs
  • Expiring guest badges
  • Expiring safety or security name tags
  • Expiring backstage IDs or passes
  • Full color name badges and photo IDs
  • Professional excellence name tags
  • Student IDs with your colored photo and the school logo

Color Inkjet Name Tags and Badge Types

The name badges usually will not require the adhesives at the back. Therefore, most of the colored inkjet name tags and badges being listed are made from the tag stocks without the adhesive backing. These are intended for the use with the badge clip or to be placed in the lanyard sleeves. If you would prefer to print the adhesive-backed name badge or name tag stickers, you will then need to order this type of colored inkjet labels.

Color Inkjet Name Badge and Name Tags

Browse the selections of continuous paper for continuous name tags and then pre-die the cut badge rolls and the name tags styled for printing the badges by using the color inkjet name tags printers like the Primera LX500 and the Epson TM-C3500.

There are manufacturers of these products for a colored inkjet technology and the inks used in these specific color badge printers. There are also some manufacturers that are also making the custom badge roll for the specific color inkjet label printers with any shape, size or materials being used.

Expiring Name Badge for Safety and Security

The Labeling Company had expired name badges and name tags also and which can be applied with a Primera LX400, LX900 and the LX500 and the color name badge printer. The expiring name badge and name tags are designed to function with the dye-based inkjet labeling printers. These will not work with the pigment-based inkjet such as the Epson of TM-C3500.

There are also thermal printable expiring name badges and name tags for a direct thermal printer which is on sale like Seiko SLP 620, Toshiba B-FV4D and the Seiko SLP 650. Both the expiring name badges and the standard are all available. And with the expiring name badges, a word “void” will emerge in 24 hours right after a name badge had been activated. It will make sure that the name badges will not be used again for any entry right after the day it was issued. The staffs will not anymore collect the name tags and the name badges as the guests and the visitors will leave your premises, and free from another tedious task.

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Name Tags

Styles of Synthetic Papers

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Synthetic papers have so many develop styles and below are the most common use styles of synthetic papers.


Standard Synthetic Paper – it is printable by traditional offset and by the screen printing processes.

Top Coated Synthetic Papers – it is printable on the top coated side through the conventional and water, UV offset, and UV flexor, thermal transfer letterpress, screen, and digital (selected toner technologies).

Both Side Coat Synthetic Papers – it is printable in mutual sides of the traditional and screen, UV offset, UV flexor, letterpress, digital (on choosing toner technologies) and thermal transfer.



  1. Commercial Printing - brochures, calendars, children's books, flip charts, maps, and menu cards.
  2. Identification and Credentials - identity cards like synthetic paper name tags, legal documents, mark sheets and certificates, and visiting cards.
  3. Outdoor – front lit and backlit display, outdoor billboards, train stations and airport signage.
  4. Retail and Packaging - backlit displays, banners, danglers, indoor billboards, POP graphics, and posters.
  5. Tags and Labels - baggage tags, food labels, glass bottle labels, garment tags, and horticulture labels.




  1. Dimensionally stable and non-tearable.
  2. Excellent printability and with excellent folding endurance.
  3. Moisture resistance and with chemical and oil resistance.
  4. Recyclable and with tear strength and superior tensile.
  5. Writable with pencil and with oil-based pens.
  6. Can be stapled, sheeted, serrated, hot foil stamped, folded, die - punched, and an adhesive bonded.



Matte Mutual Side Coated Synthetic Papers – these are another co-extruded, colorless opaque, a polypropylene based film, both sided matte coated, which resembled papers in appearance.



  1. Tags and Labels – for garment hang tags, Tree tags, horticulture identification tags, cattle identification tags, Glass bottle labels, baggage tags, food and pharmaceutical packaging labels, and many more.
  2. Retail and Packaging – POP graphics, indoor billboards, posters, danglers, banners, and backlit displays.
  3. Outdoor – outdoor billboards, train station and airport signage, front lit and the backlit displays.
  4. Identification and Credentials – visiting cards, mark sheets and certificates, identity cards like the synthetic paper name tags, and legal documents.
  5. Commercial Printing –brochures, menu cards, maps, calendars, children's books and flip charts.




  1. Non-tearable and dimensionally stable.
  2. Excellent folding endurance and excellent printability.
  3. Recyclable and moisture resistance.
  4. Writable with oil-based pens and with pencils.
  5. Printable on mutual parts of water, traditionally and UV offset, and UV flexor, screen, letterpress, thermal transfer printing and HP Latex.
  6. Certified for the HP Indigo presses – with multi-shot mode
  7. It may be die – punched, folded, hot foil stamped, sheeted, stapled, serrated, and with adhesive bonded perforated.



Matte White Mutual Side Coated Synthetic Papers – this is a co-extruded and white opaque paper with both sides matted coat white shades film that look like paper in appearance.


- It is fitting for the photo album applications, Mark Sheets, Certificates, Coffee-table books, Menu Cards, Horticulture identification tags, Garments hangs tags, Cattle identification tags, Tree tags, and a lot more.



  1. Suitable for the powder toner printing or electro-photography.
  2. Printable on the mutual side by the HP Indigo, water and UV flexors, conventional/UV offset, thermal transfer printing process and letterpress and screens.
  3. Non-tearable with high tear resistance and moisture resistance.
  4. Dimensionally stable and excellent printability.


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Kinds of Roll Style labels

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The kinds of roll style labels will differ on the need of the client and these two below are considered as the frequently order style of roll labels and can also be used for your roll feed name tags.

1. Custom-Printed Roll-Styles

The shipping label size is 3x4" and in a roll style design with micro-perforated in between each of the labels to curve and to tear apart per roll. It is best to use in promoting your company and also ideal for package labels and shipping labels. You can choose from the many border designs available in your choice of colors too.

Roll feed specifications:

The color family is assorted with the label shape of rectangular. The label height and weight is through inches and it is absolutely customizable.

2. Custom-Printed Jumbo Roll-Style

This roll style mailing label had the size of 5x4". It is best to use when the company needs some advertisement and it is best for shipping and for package labels as well.

Specifications of roll feed:

The label shape is rectangular and with the label weight and height in inches. The color family is assorted and there are lots of border designs that you can choose on, plus it is customizable too!


Bar code identification number and Identifier of roll labels:

- Bar code identification number

This bar code roll identifier blocked contains machine readable data scanned by the clamp truck drivers which initially encounter the roll, and also the press area and the office staffs who remove the peel-off stickers with a bar code and then apply them to the tickets and track the forms for the management use. By using at least the two bar codes at the line gives the measure of redundancy and must one of the bar codes became marred during the shipment.

Having the bar codes time and again in this area on the label – straightly under a logo -identified them as a roll number. Some other bar codes on the label must go in the alternative area at the underneath part of a label, to shun from confusion with a roll.

- Identifier

The readers must take into consideration the next specifications as the minimum set of settings, applied to the dot-matrix printer. Later on, the documents will spell out the ways of growing numbers of peel-off sticker in this side of a label. The mills will not then be able to gather the optional specifications by using the dot-matrix printer, and must take into consideration the printing methods like the thermal or the laser transfer that will effectively make the symbols of the smaller bar codes.


IFRA Survey

In June of 1996, the IFRA conducted their independent survey of the requirements of the roll labels for the newspapers and also for use with roll feed name tags. The IFRA’s survey located requirements among the European newsprint producers the same with those in the North America. They have requested in the following data to appear on the roll labels:


  • Basis weight
  • Diameter
  • Grade or quality of the product
  • Identifier bar code (CEPI, IFRA, North American)
  • Linear measure
  • Name of the paper producer
  • Roll number or “reel number”
  • Roll weight
  • Unwind direction
  • Optional data required by the client like the number of splices, order number and the client’s name.

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What is your budget?

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With this thing in mind that needs to be considered, have a glance at these 3 famous names and laminated badges materials of all - metal, plastic, and wood.


Metal Name Badges

The metal name badges had that rich feeling and are exceptionally sturdy. They seem to have that conservative aesthetic and had been the best for events or businesses that have the expert vibe. Yep, doctors and the lawyers, this is for you. But do not think that metal cannot be hip. It had the industrial vibe that, through the proper typestyle and logo, may appeal to the more youthful set.

You may also engrave or print on them—or both. They can be availed by office supply companies and by promotional products distributors. For example, there are office sign companies that are offering these full-color metal badges and name tags. When you want that more casual feeling and still want that strength of metal, then, you can create the name tag buttons by using the button press machines.

Plastic or Acrylic Name Badges

The plastic is considered to be one of the commonly used materials for the name badges due to its color selection, overall versatility and low cost. When you want to integrate event theme colors or businesses into your name tags or badges, then this acrylic is the best way to go. Since plastic may be taken into consideration as a cheap monetarily, then, do not think it is not of high quality. Just take a glance at the acrylic, gold mirror name badges that has been used before as a VIP gift for the company annual conference. And because the company enthusiasts are the artistic bunch, their event planner wants the name badge that could not only plea to the most love of their VIPs, but also, the one that will look amazing and will grab the attention of the costumers without being skeptical of them.

The 2 color acrylic is the best for laser cutting of name badges due to the typography pops by means of the contrast. There are also 2-color acrylics which have the look of the brushed metal finish and without a price tag metal command. And since plastic is highly functioning, you may really use it for the DIY name tag project. When you have some of these to make and wanted them to be imaginatively customized, you can have your inspiration over the internet for some tutorials to make your personalized laminated badges or name tags.

Wood Name Badges

The wood name badge had the warm aesthetic and may be more economic friendly than the plastic counterparts. It makes them fit for events or companies that are catering to nature or maintaining like the alternative energy companies, museums, summer camps or garden centers. This can be used by integrating wood tones in the design choices like hair salons, trendy restaurants or a day spa.

If you want a DIY, check out the ideas for the making of name badges thru laser cutting wood. The transferring of ink prints is also an option for making the wooden name badges. The technique provides the consistency of a computer-generated art; but, it's still having that handmade feel.

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Conference Badges and Custom Event Printing

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Event Badges: An Ultimate Group Pleaser

The guest lists are set. The tickets had been sold and the word is already out! Before the group or the crowd of people arrives for the special event, be sure that you have the traditional event laminated badges you have to match with the excitement and to elevate the experience. The custom printed badges provided that VIP vibe, setting a tone for the memorable encounter. The event badges serve the functional and the fashionable purpose—they allow you to control and to track who had the access to the special event, whereas also showcasing the words, technology, and images to connect the people with each other and their experiences.

If you are organizing a business happening, heading out to the trade shows or setting up for that concert, be sure that everyone is organized and looked professional. You can feature the logo, custom graphics, the photograph for identification and the scannable codes.

With the use of rigid vinyl and the gloss laminated paper type, custom options, rounded corners, standard sizes, and the durable badge is what you really need for that perfect presentation. There are flush cut products, which mean that the lamination is going right up into the edge without the need to surpass it and you can choose lanyards in colors of blue, red, and black.

Stand out with the Customize Event Badges

When you are planning your corporate event, an exclusive fundraiser, or an official business meeting, there are badge makers that will help you in setting the professional tone. The durable print tools may be used for:

  1. Conference badges and Media credentials
  2. Festivals and backstage passes
  3. Luggage tags and Personal event badges
  4. Security badges with barcodes and VIP passes

The event badges are considered as the most powerful tool in connecting with your attendees. It is more than just that kind of neck ornament, and these tools are very important and will go a long mode at any event, trade shows or meeting. In short, they are helping to organize, introduce and to identify the attendees and to strengthen the business relationships.

Customers who ordered laminated badges were interested also in the following:

When you someone that love event badges, then, you will surely love the other trade show products and event promotions and these are:

  1. Event Tents – there are pop-up tents that will take the event into the next level, which will make the presence automatically noticeable. You may also add half walls or full walls.
  2. Event Tickets – the event tickets will showcase the concerts, charity or event fashion shows with the utmost expertise. It can print tickets with the design, image sequential numbering and logo.
  3. Eye-Grabbing Fabric Banner – the fabric banners give that chance to have that versatile, dynamic and long-lasting way of advertising the slogan and the brand's logo for that increased recognition.
  4. Teardrop Flags – it spread sales messages, grand opening announcements, promotions, and everything that you want with eye-catching, versatile, teardrop flags being printed in the full color.
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Applications of synthetic paper

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Synthetic paper has been defined as the category of the paper that is created without any wood fiber for synthetic paper name tags and is exclusively made to become receptive to industrial printing inks. It will differ from the plastic film in some ways, due to printing characteristics, and this will differ from the traditional paper due to lack of wood fiber.

While some people defined synthetic paper as the paper-like film which lies somewhere in between the high-value paper and traditional plastic films. Synthetic paper is normally accepted to become not of the wood-based or organic nature, but resin/oil from its manufacture.

The synthetic paper can be the film and that could be the number of things, the polypropylene, or the polyethylene based — and with some kind of coating — normally the clay coating over it, that will make the merchandize easy to print. Through the easy to publish, you may use the standard inks, and also you do not need the corona treatment or the top coat.

The word synthetic paper had developed now to the idea where the distributors and the manufacturers are using this for any kind of plastic film which will accept the offset printing rather than the generic PVC films and the polystyrenes. The merchandize is evolving to contain oriented polypropylene films which the people are now pertaining to as the synthetic paper that has really been not synthetic papers — and these are basically just film. The manufacturers apply some of the clay coatings to the materials and suddenly it became labeled as the synthetic paper. It is believed that the word is more equip to appeal to a printer, to provide the product the suggestion as the printer friendly material.

There are some that say that the strength and the durability of the plastics and an appearance and the printability of the paper, makes the synthetic paper a versatile one. The customers are opting for the synthetic paper because of its durability, strength, the weather-ability and tear resistance properties.


The custom film width of synthetic paper

The customize width of this film will be according to the requirement of the customers for their synthetic paper name tags. The quote should use various trade terms that are the usual. When you also have the other requirements, you may also communicate with the manufacturers. There are different performance products and the company had the excellent squad of engineers, base on the customer’s needs and with the improvement of the film performance.

There are also samples that will be given which are free of charge. However, there are some that are asking for the express fee because of the express cost from the other country if the product is imported or from the foreign countries. There are many customers that are needed, samples before approving to go with the production. The adequate capacity of the company had 3 major production bases and each of which will be able to make around thousands of tons of the thin film in a month that will be enough to supply and support the global customers steadily.

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